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The dedication, perseverance, and discipline Kris and Nora exhibited during their 2015 training season is something to be admired. The early mornings, the late nights, and the endless hours in the kitchen are just the start of what these two had to endure as they further transformed their bodies during the past couple of months. A major career change for Nora and the start of a brand new meal prep company for Kris were not enough to slow down this power couple as they squeezed in every last rep right up to show time. If you need to learn time management and discipline, grab a seat with these two and don't forget the pen and paper.

I can go on and on about how inspirational these two are, but the best thing about both of them, is their passion for the lifestyle. They aren't just pushing through, making their gains, and sweating at the gym. These two are excelling in this demanding lifestyle and to prove it, just take a minute to ask them about it. The smiles and energy they speak with on the topic, and the tips they are willing to give to just about anyone who asks, are the greatest example of their commitment to the sport.

Show time is go time in the bodybuilding world. The couple minutes these competitors have on stage by themselves is the culmination of months and years spent in the gym. Both Nora and Kris truly shined on stage these past couple of weeks. With Kris winning the light heavy weight division at the 2015 NGA Heart of America competition. And Nora taking 2nd in an extremely competitive Figure division at the 2015 NPS Illinois State Bodybuilding Championship.

My favorite part about being able to experience and be a part of this journey with both Kris and Nora, is highlighted in these next two photos. In a sport that is highly individualized, these two have formed a team that is unbeatable.

To Kris and Nora... there is absolutely no limit to what you two can achieve. I'm thankful to have a chance to capture you two doing something you were born to do!