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Gina is a soon to be high school graduate from Crystal Lake South who is excited to be heading off the University of Iowa in the Fall. One of my favorite parts of this job is getting to meet new people and to learn new things. I like to consider myself a sports junkie, but this shoot allowed me to learn about a sport I knew very little about. Gina is a member of the Crystal Lake Rowing Club and was gracious enough to answer EVERY SINGLE ONE of my rowing questions, as silly or simple as they might have been. Enjoy the photos and be sure to leave a comment below wishing Gina good luck on her future endeavors! 

Gio - Senior Portraits

Even though we are 10 years apart in age I have always been pretty close with my cousin Gio. Somehow 18 years have flown by and this guy is about to graduate high school and is on his way to Iowa Wesleyan next fall to start the next chapter of his life. Thank you to my Aunt Norma for asking me to do these senior portraits. I had a great time and was really happy with how the photos came out.