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6 Months of Claire

This blog is filled with so many kids and families that I have been lucky enough to photograph over the years. But I figured after 6 months of hiding this one, I might as well start sharing some of the amazing moments I've captured of my beautiful daughter. The amount of personality that shines in front of the camera really just excites me as I know I have a couple of years of this before she starts running away from me.

You'll notice on this last picture that Claire is starting to her explore her world so much, hence the wiping off the chalk board before Daddy can get a good picture in.

Summer Time Stroll...

One of the things I love most about photographing little ones is watching how quickly they come out of their shell. After about 5 minutes of snapping away, all the shyness inexplicably just fades away, and that's when you start to see their true smiles and laughs! None exemplified that better than this beautiful girl that I had the privilege to photograph a couple of weeks ago!