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Dedication - Kris Davia - Rockwell Barbell

There’s really not much for me to say. This guy right here continues to impress me week after week. If these pictures aren’t enough to show you the heart and dedication he’s poured into this aspect of his life, check out his business at My Mighty Meals and follow him on Instagram. Then think about the amount of time and effort it would take to build a business and get into this kind of shape for a show.

Kris and Nora

You can find a number of blog posts featuring these two crazies, and my same sentiment still holds true. They are two of my favorite people in the whole world. The fun thing about this posts is you are seeing them in an element that they are not quite used to. A typical shoot for them has been grinding it out at Bucktown Fitness getting ready for a bodybuilding show, or grinding it out in a kitchen in the middle of the night for My Mighty Meals. But here they are, all dressed up and pretty, showing what true love really looks like. I think they cleaned up pretty nicely, don't you think?

Glenview Park District

A couple weekends ago I had the chance to shoot a couple of events for the Glenview Park District. A nice morning yoga session at the Kent Fuller Air Station Prairie, followed by a dairy breakfast at the historic Wagner Farm, and I ended my day at the opening day of the Roosevelt Aquatic Center. I look forward to working some more events for the Glenview Park District.

My Mighty Meals

Friday nights, depending on your likes and dislikes could be spent in a wide variety of ways. People enjoy going to the movies. People enjoy going out to a bar and connecting with friends. Some people enjoy being active and going to the gym. And some prefer to just sit back and relax with a good book. I myself play in a men's soccer league here in the suburbs on Friday nights. But last week, I skipped my game, and instead chose to spend it with two of my closest friends. I was lucky enough to be invited out to Kitchen Chicago to photograph My Mighty Meals as they worked throughout the night. 

My Mighty Meals is the brainchild of a lifelong friend of mine Kris Davia. He, alongside his incredible fiance Nora, have spent years meticulously growing this company to what it has become today. What is it that they do? Here's Kris himself to explain My Mighty Meals:

Too often, people carry the perception that healthy food tastes bad or doesn’t have much variety. My Mighty Meals will show you that that’s not the case! Our meals are not only healthy, but they taste good too!

We prepare meals fresh from week to week. Each meal is planned, calculated, and given that personal touch to match the cooking that comes right out of your kitchen. This homemade taste will keep the meal plan manageable and easy to follow.

Twice a week, both Kris and Nora head to Kitchen Chicago, where they spend most of their entire night cooking up a storm. The hours they worked on the Friday I was there was from 6 pm till well past 2 in the morning. Each meal carefully thought out with the specific client in mind. Whether it's an individual trying to lose weight or quite possibly a fellow athlete trying to gain muscle mass, these two will put a plan to work for you. And no, this isn't about tiny portions of food that lack any type of flavor. Instead, these meals taste like they have come straight out of your mom's kitchen. In fact, as I'm typing this, I'm currently devouring and quite honestly drooling over the pork tacos pictured here. Yeah I know it's almost midnight, don't judge me!

But let's be honest, I really shouldn't be the only one who gets to drool over this food. So here are some more shots of other dishes they were working hard to prepare on Friday night.

If you are interested in learning more about My Mighty Meals and what they can do for you. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me with a comment below. Or check it out for yourself on their website at My Mighty Meals.

Blackhawks vs. Flyers

Never in a thousand years did I think I would be sitting second row at a Blackhawks game. Thankfully, I have some incredible friends and was inviting to a game a couple weeks ago.

The idea, and quite honestly, the pressure of sitting that close and my dream coming true of photographing a Blackhawks game from almost ice level weighed on me for weeks. 

During the game, I found it to be much more difficult of a task than I had imagined in my mind. Overall, I'm happy with the pictures I captured, but it really just made me hungry for another opportunity to photograph a Hawks game from ice level.

Erica & Andy

I've had the pleasure of knowing Erica for a long time and one thing has always been very evident, her love and admiration for Andy. I had the unfortunate pleasure of sitting near Erica at work, and had to listen to months of her trying to figure out when Andy was going to pop the question. Thankfully, for all parties involved, Andy proposed to Erica and we get to see this great couple grow old together. I wish nothing but happiness for years to come to this amazing couple.