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A Day In the Life of Claire

The photos you see throughout my blog are usually well thought out and posed. Living with a one and a half year old, means the idea of "posed" goes right out the window. So what is a dad photographer to do? That is what led me to this little project that I called, not so creatively, "A Day In the Life of Claire". The goal, just follow around this girl all day with my camera at my side and produce a series of shots that will give her insight into what her typical day was like as a one and a half year old.

First things first, have to start the day with some morning cuddles!

Then it's time to feed Bailey her morning treat.

Now it's time to focus on feeding herself some yogurt.

Her diet primarily consists of dairy and chicken nuggets. So a morning bottle while watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Enough of the lounging, it's time to play.

With a quick time out for her favorite movie. Just so happened to catch my favorite part of the movie too.

Even though it was a little bit chilly, we headed out to the park for some fun on the slide. She refuses to waste her time on the little baby slide, choosing instead the big slide.

Quick trip over to a relatives house where we get some play time with Grandma.

Day starts to wind down back at home, playing around on the bed with Mommy.

Then a fun bath time with Daddy. Nothing better than the Alphalpha look.

And then it's story time with Mommy and Daddy.

What can I say, sometimes dad drops the bottle right on Claire's face.

Kissing the pup goodnight.

Followed by one last hug for mom before sleeping peacefully through the night.

It's fun to look through all these pictures and see "Frog Frog" hanging out in nearly every shot. It's amazing how much she loves her $10 IKEA frog.