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Lyla Martin

This photoshoot with the beautiful Lyla meant a lot to me. First and foremost, Lyla's dad is and has been one of my best friends for a large portion of my life. Being introduced to Lyla feels as if our family has gotten bigger by one and I love that feeling. Secondly, my entire business was started a number of years ago with a shoot exactly like this one. I had a close friend who had his first baby, and knowing my passion for photography, him and his wife asked me if I would take pictures of their baby. Now, a number of years later, I'm still here using my passion to capture beautiful memories for families all around me. Hope you all enjoy this set of my new best friend, "Marty the one baby party"!

Ft. Myers

Not everything on this blog is business related. This here is simply just a good old fashioned family vacation collection. With Claire at just about 11 months, we decided it was time to test out our luck by bringing a baby onto an airplane. Annnddddd.... she handled it brilliantly!  With the plane ride behind us, it was time to enjoy the sun and pool in Ft. Myers, Florida.

Ft. Myers Beach

Lighthouse on Sanibel Island

For whatever reason, Claire decided to start presenting this scrunched up face look during our trip and has not stopped since!

6 Months of Claire

This blog is filled with so many kids and families that I have been lucky enough to photograph over the years. But I figured after 6 months of hiding this one, I might as well start sharing some of the amazing moments I've captured of my beautiful daughter. The amount of personality that shines in front of the camera really just excites me as I know I have a couple of years of this before she starts running away from me.

You'll notice on this last picture that Claire is starting to her explore her world so much, hence the wiping off the chalk board before Daddy can get a good picture in.