Chiditarod 2014

What was all that costumed craziness on the streets of Chicago yesterday? None other than the 2014 Chiditarod. The 9th annual event to benefit the Greater Chicago Food Depository has collected more than 80,000 lbs of food and raised $40,000 prior to Saturday's race.

The cold and snowy weather did not stop this eccentric group of Chicago's finest from showing  up for what can only be summed up as pure chaos  This is a race and charity event unlike any other. Teams of 5, who have prepared for weeks and months, show up for this food drive that is disguised as a race, bar crawl, and beauty pageant all in one.

I was lucky enough to have participated in this event last year and had one of the best times of my life. The camaraderie between everyone involved in the event is electric. For an event that promotes clever sabotage and debauchery during the race, there is nothing but love for a few hours at the starting line before the gates open and the shopping carts pour out onto the street. Drinks, food, and laughs are shared by all, including the free breakfast that is provided by the event organizers and the nice warmth of a couple fires strategically placed throughout the yard to keep competitors warm in this bitter Chicago Winter.

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