Midnight Sun

Tonight I was inspired by one of my best friends, who I have enjoyed teaching the basic's of photography to once or twice. He messaged me asking for advice on how to properly shoot the moon because he was having a hard time getting it in focus. Sadly, I was brutally honest and let him know I had never had great luck in capturing the moon myself. But I still gave him some advice that I hope helped him out. Regardless, that moment gave me the sudden urge to head outside and mess around for a bit with the bright full moon. 

For the most part, capturing the moon in photographs still sends me into fits of rage. But one of my favorite practices is to simply look around and get a different perspective. Tonight's moon provided beautiful lighting for these long exposures and I was happy with the results. You'll notice I played around with some un-natural coloring as I processed some of these photos. This is usually something I stay away from, but I thought these type of photos were the perfect opportunity to just experiment and have some fun.