The Bean

It has been over a month since I've made a post here. And quite honestly, it's simply been about a one month break with very little photography in my life. I didn't have any jobs lined up more most of September and I spent much of my free time, maybe a little too much of my free time focused on fantasy football. I know I'm a nerd, no need to rub it in.  But I finally started to get the itch back to get out and shoot so I took last Friday off and headed to the city for a little photo walk. My goal for this trip was to act like a tourist. So I hit some of the most populated areas, mainly Millenium Park. It was a great day for shooting the Bean and I came away with these two photos below which I really liked.

Good news is the jobs should start picking up again this next month and things are already lining up for next year as well. You should start seeing more activity on here shortly.


The Bean - Millennium Park

The Bean - Millennium Park