Dream Photo Shoot - Number 3

Chicago Blackhawks Game

I don't know if I've ever fully thrown out this disclaimer, so let me do it right now. I'm in no way shape or form a writer. In fact, English was always my absolute worst subject in school. Insert funny jokes about my hispanic heritage here: __________________. But in all seriousness I sincerely apologize if my writing skills aren't up to par with all the other blogs you may or may not read. And let me continue to show my lack of writing creativity by touching on this same old boring topic again. What is better than combing multiple passions... nothing!!!

I love photography and I love sports! More specifically, I love the Chicago Blackhawks, which is why number 3 on my list of dream photo shoots would be a press pass to shoot a Blackhawks game. Heck, it's a dream photo shoot so let's make it really crazy, a game 7, Stanley Cup final at the United Center.

For those of you who get the chance to see a game at the United Center anytime soon, here's a little tip for you. During the pre-game skate, they let all fans down into the 100 section to take in the warm-ups regardless of where your actual tickets are. I am not sure of how unusual this is around the league, for all I know, every NHL team might allow this. But i'm used to other venues like Wrigley Field where you are not allowed to venture anywhere other than where your ticket specifies you belong. As much as I enjoy my seats up in the 300 section, there is something magical about sitting along the glass and seeing your favorites standing just a few feet away. The interaction between hockey players and their fans is something truly unique and something I've never seen from any other professional team. Just ask my sister how much she cherishes her puck she had flung to her from Tomas Kopecky.

AP Photo - Ross D. Franklin

If you were to ask me, "Chris, if you could have any profession in the world right now, what would it be?" I think my answer might just be a photographer for Sports Illustrated. Sports is something I connect with in a very spiritual way. The ability to capture the blood, sweat, and tears of a professional athlete from the sidelines, from the glass, from just a few feet away, would be exhilarating.  

The split-second moments that make up life undoubtedly just mesmerize me. And to me, in sports, this sentiment is just magnified. I remember going to a Cubs game with my best friends back in high school and I captured this photo on my little Sony point and shoot.

Sammy Sosa

What makes this photo so special? Would you believe me if I told you this split-second capture was the exact moment the ball connected with Sammy Sosa's bat on it's way into the left field bleachers? Because that's exactly what happened on this swing.

Or what about this moment. Jonathan Toews raising the Stanley Cup above his head as the Hawks rode down Michigan Avenue, one of the single greatest days of my life!

Stanley Cup Parade

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a Chicago sports fan in general, and I would gladly take any opportunity to photograph the Bears, Cubs, Fire, or Bulls. But the Blackhawks have always been the one team that I had a true connection to since I was a little kid.

Having the chance to photograph actual game action from along the glass, not just warm-ups, would be a dream come true. And that is why it comes in as my number 3 dream photo-shoot and somehow, the only dream shoot in my top 5 that involves sports!