That Funk

I spend a lot of my free time living, breathing, and eating photography. When I don't have my own projects to work on, I usually pass the time reading other photographers blogs, critiquing others photos, or reading about the latest gear. Inevitably, it eventually gets to a point where you just need a break from it for a little while. And that is exactly what subconsciously has happened over the past 2 months. The only time I took out my camera was if I was hired to do so. 

I've had enough of this recent trend and while sitting around late last night I decided to do something about it. So I put on some warm sweat pants, my hat and my gloves. Grabbed my camera and the tripod and headed out into the night for a little photo walk in my neighborhood. It wasn't anything special, I didn't capture amazing images. But I was out there doing something I love, and it felt great! 

Second Street

Bell Tower

Main Street