Fresh Start - Week 1/52

I'm sure you have all heard of the 365 project. If you haven't it's the neat idea of taking a different picture every day for an entire year. There's websites devoted to it such as or I've even seen people just posting their daily picture to Facebook. Regardless... it's an extremely tough task and I barely made it through the first month last year. So instead i'm going to scale it back and bring you one picture a week for the entire year. My goal is for these pictures to not be from any of my paid shoots. I want this to be a way to motivate myself to pick up the camera for nothing more than just my own pure enjoyment. I'm open to suggestions for different topics I can cover, or different ideas you all would enjoy seeing.

For my first entry of the year 2013, I will focus on the subject fresh start. The new year brings new optimism for many, new hopes, new goals, and new ideas. Or in the case of my little dog Bailey... it's a fresh new haircut!

Fresh Start