Dream Photo Shoots - Number 5

Photography is always on my mind, and this past week the thought of dream photo jobs came into my head. I decided to make a list of the top 5 photo shoots I would love to have. Now I rationalized this by combining both places and events.  So in short, if I was granted the wish to photograph any one location or event, on any given day, on any point on this earth, without the worries of cost or credentials, what would I want to photograph. I will break down my top 5 into five different posts over the next week or so. 

Number 5 - Yosemite National Park

Ansel Adams - Moon and Half Dome

Set photography aside for a second, I'm not much of an outdoors man.  I love to bike and run, I grew up playing outdoor sports like soccer, and I actually do love my yearly camping trips up to Door County and to Ludington Michigan. But in no way would I consider myself an outdoors man. I don't fish, I don't climb mountains, and I wouldn't be able to tell one kind of tree from another. That one looks like a pine tree... and that's a tall tree with leaves? 

Now photographically speaking, landscape shots are something that have never really interested me as much as portraits or event photography. I think in part the reasoning for that is out here in the Chicago area, where all the land is flat, I don't find too many compelling landscape views other than shots of the beautiful Chicago skyline.

Mount Dana - Yosemite National Park

So why Yosemite National Park? Back at Bradley University I once did a project on a man named John Muir, a naturalist and one of the first advocates for the preservation of the wilderness in the United States. Of all the things I learned at Bradley, this was one topic that always fascinated me... weird how that happens. He basically is the reason why we have "National Parks" in the U.S. Then for Christmas this year I got a book on Ansel Adams from my wife's grandparents. Ansel Adams is a photographer most people have heard of even if you don't have an interest in photography. His images are all over the place in calendars, textbooks, and websites. Ansel Adams was also an environmentalist who is best known for his black and white landscape photos. A large majority of his time was spent around Yosemite National Park. And these images, like the black and white one above and below are simply unbelievable to imagine for a guy like me from the Midwest who has not spent a lot of time near mountains.

Mount Ansel Adams - Yosemite National Park

So yes, if I had the choice to travel anywhere in the world to photograph one single landscape, I wouldn't go to far. I would head to our West Coast and photograph Yosemite National Park. Please list the number 1 landscape you would love to visit under these same guidelines in the comments section below.

Bonus - People I would like to photograph

Just for fun, i'm also going to attach the top 5 people I would like to photograph at the bottom of each of these posts without to much of a description

Number 5 - Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum - Photo by Brian Bowen Smith

Channing Tatum - Photo by Brian Bowen Smith

Now before you go writing me off, hear me out. If I had a portrait session with Channing Tatum and posted those pictures solely on this here blog... I think I would be guaranteed a 1000% increase in traffic. That's good for business. Plus I'd make my wife's dreams come true.