The start of something new.

"Nothing great in this world has ever been accomplished without passion." -Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Passion has always been a driving force in everything I do. My love for sports, whether it's playing, watching, cheering, or nerding it up in the fantasy world, is driven by passion. My love for my family and friends, yes i'm the sentimental type, is driven by passion. When it comes to photography, nothings different. I'm not motivated by money, the need to be noticed or liked, and i'm not motivated by the loads of women that come flocking to photographers... just kidding wife! I'm simply motivated by a passion to capture all of these little moments that take up a fraction of a second of our lives.

I purchased my first dSLR around October of 2010. At first this was simply an update to my old film SLR, and my point and shoot digital cameras. Something a little more technologically advanced to capture a soon to be honeymoon and all the other fun events that were to come with adulthood. But shortly after, I realized this wasn't just an update. Not since my first photography class at Rolling Meadows High School had I felt this much excitement to be holding a camera. 

One of the first shots I took with the new camera.

One of the first shots I took with the new camera.

Not long after, this little dream of mine, Miranda Photography, came to life. It didn't happen quickly, which is to be expected with how quickly technology advances now a days.  The idea of a digital darkroom was something completely new to me. Thank god for the internet and countless websites that offer unbelievable information and learning tools all for free, without them I think I would still be shooting in jpeg. So over the next two years I learned a lot, mostly by just getting out and shooting. I shot and I shot and I shot some more. I finally started to feel comfortably enough to start accepting my first jobs.

My friends and wife are really the ones I owe everything too. They are the ones who gave me my first shot. They are the ones who spread my name around and helped me pick up new photo shoots for clients I had never met. They are the ones who started having kids and getting married and somehow trusted me enough to photograph these life altering moments. My wife and friends are the ones who give me the confidence to continue on. They give me the strength to fight through bad photo shoots. And they give me a second chance when I mess it up the first time. Thank you to all of you for everything you have done. I owe it all to you.

Which brings me to the original point of this first blog post. I have struggled to find a good source to get my name out there. Blogs on tumblr and wordpress. A facebook page. A Flickr page. All great resources that I enjoyed and would recommend to any. But I am excited for this next big step. The start of my very own website

So feel free to make this your homepage and don't be shy to give me some helpful pointers on what I should add or change to anything on this site.